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About Davis Trucking

Davis Trucking works with Fortune 500 companies, airlines, forwarders, wholesalers and retailers. We transport raw materials and finished goods to warehouses, retail stores and production lines in an expedited manner. By precision planning and partnering with our customers, we help them reduce or eliminate inventory, streamline productions, lessen downtime and accelerate delivery of finished goods for sales. The end results to our customers are decreased costs with increased cash flow and profits.

We Believe in:

#1 Our Customers

Our relationship with our customers doesn’t end with the sale – it begins. Our focus is making our services easy to use, and delivering your goods on- time and in the exact condition that we received them. Partnering with you, we work together to streamline and tailor your supply chain management, providing you with timely, accurate, and usable management information.

#2 Technology

Technology plays a large part in how we do business. We continually update and modernize our equipment and infrastructure. Effectively employing new technologies helps us improve performance and reduce your costs.

  • On-line Satellite Tracking
    • Always know where your shipment is located.
  • Mobile App allows real time visibility
    • Real Time POD and hard copy PODs
  • State of the art Roller Bed Trucks
    • Quicker deliveries with less hassles.

#3 Our People

It may be a cliché, but its true at Davis. Our employees are our greatest assets. Our team of professionals really believe that The Difference is Pride. Our employees are completely trained and qualified in all aspects of the business, providing you with the highest customer service possible.

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